New Quartz 6168 Ticking Tide Time Clock Movement Mechanism Motor Black Hands


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Tide clocks or "indicators" show how much time before high or low tide. The lunar day, or time it takes the moon to reappear at the same place in the sky, is 24 hours and 50 minutes. Most locations have two tides each day. Because of this, your tide hand rotates every 12 hours and 25 minutes or twice daily.

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  • Quartz ticking tide and time clock movement suitable for clock faces up to 7mm thick
  • Movement shows the time as well as tide change times
  • Shaft length 17mm - gold thread length 9mm - gold thread width 10.8mm
  • Minute hand 95mm - hour hand 65mm - second hand 92mm - tide hand 45mm ( measurements taken from the centre of the hand hole to the tip of the hand )
  • Movement dimensions - height 72.6mm  - width 55.5mm - depth 25.5mm ( not including shaft )
  • Optional metal hanger and fittings included
  • Great for repairs or clock making
  • ROHS approved
  • Fully tested
  • Please contact me for discounts on larger orders