New Quartz 12888 Ticking Clock Movement Mechanism With Pendulum Drive Unit - 3.1mm & 5.00mm Hand Holes


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If you also require hands please add this item to your cart and then order compatible hands separately from the link below. This movement will only drive hands up to 130mm long

12888 Clock Hands.

The clock motor simply slides inside the pendulum drive unit to make a pendulum movement.

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  • One ticking movement with a pendulum drive unit
  • Movement available in 3 shaft lengths - Short 6.7mm gold thread length / 14mm total shaft length Medium 11.7mm gold thread length / 18.5mm total shaft length Long 19mm gold thread length / 26mm total shaft length
  • All movements have a gold thread width of 7.6mm
  • Suitable with a hour hand hole size of 5.00mm and a minute hand hole size of 3.1mm
  • Drive movement dimensions - height 140mm - width 58mm - depth 30mm
  • The pendulum is for decoration only and does not affect the clock movement's timekeeping
  • These pendulum clock movements will drive any light shape making them ideal for novelty clocks
  • Suitable for clock hands up to 130mm long
  • The main item picture shows the various sizes available and only one movement and one drive unit is sent per transaction
  • Complete with fittings
  • Please click here for compatible hands
  • ROHS Approved
  • Takes 2x AA batteries
  • Fitting instructions included