New Quartz 12888 Ticking Pendulum Clock Movement Mechanism 3.1mm & 5.00mm Holes


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  • One ticking pendulum movement available in 3 shaft sizes - Short 6.7mm gold thread length / 14mm total shaft length Medium 11.7mm gold thread length / 18.5mm total shaft length Long 19mm gold thread length / 26mm total shaft length
  • All movements have a gold thread width of 7.6mm
  • Suitable with a hour hand hole size of 5.00mm and a minute hand hole size of 3.1mm
  • Measures - 110mm High ( Without hanger ) - 55mm Wide - 20mm Deep ( from the flat surface of the movement to the back of the pendulum swinging arm )
  • The pendulum is for decoration only and does not affect the clock movement's timekeeping
  • These pendulum clock movements will drive any light shape making them ideal for novelty clocks
  • The main item picture shows the various sizes available and only one movement is sent per transaction
  • Complete with hanger & fittings
  • Please click here for compatible hands
  • ROHS Approved
  • Fitting instructions included