Quartz Clock Making Kit - Movement With Metal Hands And Fittings


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Clocks can be made from various items including vinyl records, Cd's and coasters, an 8mm hole will be needed in your selected item and the shaft size required will depend on the thickness of your clock face. ******** 2 Pack Special Offer @ £12 **********

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  • Available in 5 shaft sizes 
  • Ticking  - Standard ticking 
  • Non ticking - Second hand sweeps rather than ticks for a quieter movement
  • Movement dimensions - height 70mm ( 55mm with hanger removed ) - width 55mm - depth 16mm
  • All movements have a 7.6mm gold thread width
  • Press fit metal hands in sizes 24mm - 130mm ( Please select above ).Hand measurement shown is taken from the centre of the minute hand hole to the tip of the minute hand
  • Complete with all fixings
  • ROHS approved
  • Fully tested
  • Fitting instructions included