New Quartz 6168 Ticking Time And Day Clock Movement Mechanism Motor 95mm Black Hands


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This Quartz clock movement runs on 4 hands. The hour, minute and second hands run at a normal 12 hour cycle. The 4th red hand runs at 1 revolution per 7 days (51.4 degrees per day). Ideally suited for memory and Alzheimer clocks with a Monday to Sunday indication on the dial.

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  • Quartz ticking time and day clock movement suitable for clock faces up to 7mm thick
  • Movement shows the time as well as day indicator hand
  • Shaft length 17mm - gold thread length 9mm - gold thread width 10.8mm
  • Minute hand 95mm - hour hand 65mm - second hand 92mm - day hand 45mm ( measurements taken from the centre of the hand hole to the tip of the hand )
  • Movement dimensions - height 72.6mm  - width 55.5mm - depth 25.5mm ( not including shaft )
  • Optional metal hanger and fittings included
  • Great for repairs or clock making
  • ROHS approved
  • Fully tested
  • Please contact me for discounts on larger orders