New HR1688 12888 Youngtown High Torque Non Ticking Quartz Clock Movement Mechanism - Short 6.7mm Thread


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12888 High Torque Clock Hands.

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  • Quartz high torque movements are more powerful than standard movements and will turn hands up to 400mm long
  • Short 6.7mm gold thread - 15mm total shaft length - 7.6mm gold thread width
  • Non ticking movement - Sweep second hand
  • Movement dimensions - height 56mm - width 56mm - depth 16mm.
  • Suitable for hand sizes 150mm  - 400mm with a shaft thickness for the hour hand 5.00mm + minute hand 3.1mm 
  • Complete with fittings and battery cover which make these ideal for outdoor clocks
  • Optional metal hanger
  • Hands are NOT INCLUDED with this item